Warranty and Spares


All Machines Purchased, will be under this Warranty Guide.

Special Purchase’s, (SMART) Ticket Times & Taj Mahal, Giant Cranes (please ask as they are under original Manufacturer’s Warranty).

THIS IS A BACK TO BASE WARRANTY : (This is a Parts only Warranty, not a Machine Replacement Warranty)

1. Please be prepared to provide the following information to place a warranty request:

  • The Machine type or product number.
  • Serial Number of Game or Commercial Invoice of Sale.
  • A Detailed Description of the Equipment Fault and or Symptoms.
  • Coin Meters Picture.

2. All New product is warranted as follows:

  1. Main PCB and Computer: 12 Months since purchase date or 50,000 games. (Whichever comes 1st)
  2. Major Mechanism and Kit: 6 Months since purchase date or 50,000 games. (Whichever comes 1st)
  3. All other components: 90 days since produce finished. ( i.e. ticket dispenser, coin selector, bill acceptor, printer, LCD, hopper, transformer, card dispenser, claw, coils, compressors and associated items and etc. )
  4. Second hand machines, 30 Day Warranty from Invoice Date!
  1. All repaired items: 30 days since Repair date and only covers the original fault. ( i.e. Light, fan, motor, power supply, coin mech. )
  2. Fair Wear and Tear NOT covered.
  3.  Breakage Not Covered.

Please note:Parts only Warranty.

  • Major Mechanism must be returned for repair or replacement.
  • The copy of warranty is not transferable and applies only to first purchaser.
  • These statements do not contain any warranty due to improper installation, accidents, natural disasters, abuse, misuse, inadequate or excessive volts power supply, improper operation, poor environmental conditions and any unauthorized disassembly, repair, or product damage caused by changes and unauthorized repairs.Breakage Not Covered.
  • The warranty does not apply if the warranty sticker has been modified, altered or removed from the product.
  • Data critical to the warranty has been placed on the back of this machine, removal will void the warranty.
  • Labour Not Included.
  • Freight and Transport Costs are Not Included.
  • Fair wear and Tear Not Covered.
  • Warranty Void for any Machine placed out doors or in direct Sunlight.
  • The Company shall not be held liable for any delays caused by shipping, any products that are out of stock will go on back order and be supplied as soon as possible.